Sleep apnea and sleep paralysis question?

Question by amanda v: Sleep apnea and sleep paralysis question?
Now i dont get sleep paralysis every day but so far in the past 3 months its happend about 3 or 4 times and for the most part they are very brief.

the most recent one was when i was in school and we had finished a test so my instructer let us do what we wanted(so long as we were quiet)

so i laid my head down and tried to fall asleep but every one was talking so it was kinda hard. but at one point i drownd out the noise and fell into sleep paralysis(not intentionally mind you).

this episode lasted(for hat i thought to be)a couple seconds. right when i realized that i was paralysed i paniced a little and my heart rate raised sharply.

the scary thing was that i couldnt breath the whole time. and thus when i awoke for the episode i was gasping for breath. what are some causes and treatments for avoiding these episodes.

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Answer by Adam F
I don’t know the EXACT cause(s) of sleep apnea, but I do know it has to do with your throat muscles closing up making it harder for you to breath and thus causing snoring.

Treatment: there is no “cure” for sleep apnea…however: Do not go to the doctor with this problem. he will prescribe a machine with a mask you have to wear every night that is extremely annoying and not entirely practical..

What almost no one knows is: there is a musical instrument called the didgeridoo that will significantly help your breathing when you sleep which works as well as, if not better than, the machine for sleep apnea that doctors prescribe. i found the following information on wikipedia about it: Health benefits

A 2005 study in the British Medical Journal found that learning and practicing the didgeridoo helped reduce snoring and sleep apnea, as well as daytime sleepiness. This appears to work by strengthening muscles in the upper airway, thus reducing their tendency to collapse during sleep.

if you are interested in the didgeridoo (because I was since my grandfather had sleep apnea and I tried to help him) i found the following site.

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