Chevelle - Sleep Apnea “Sci-Fi Crimes” + Lyrics

There sat a new test Much harder that you bought in As for the unseen, just take care of what you will Light the silent alarm We never think that we’re missing much ’til I gasp and hold my breath These needs had changed so deep To face you all and say I’ve been awake for I need a new test Then I set out to choose someone to Light the soul like a kiln Just imagine us chasing this with Eyes scorned from sleep apnea A slight of tongue as the seas are emptying I gasp and hold my breath These needs have changed so deep To face you all and say I’ve been awake for…. Ever Ever Ever Ever Try to read off a letter that’s falling apart The sun and the moon I count sheep Escape like an animal i’m ready for my sleepless stroll I felt these shifting hours mistakenly used up So I gasp and hold my breath These needs have changed so deep To face you all and say I’ve been awake for years/forever I gasp and hold my breath These needs have changed so deep To face you all and say I’ve been awake for… Ever Ever Ever Ever
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default Chevelle   Sleep Apnea Sci Fi Crimes + Lyrics

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes a person to stop breathing for short periods of time during their sleep. The most effective way to treat this condition is with continuous positive airway pressure, also known as CPAP.

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50 Responses to “Chevelle - Sleep Apnea “Sci-Fi Crimes” + Lyrics”

  1. ThePGFX Says:

    REPLAY BUTTON —-> 0:00

  2. 7A1R28 Says:

    Freakin awesome song. Really too bad they’re so underrated-why do faggots like miley cyrus keep making Chevelle concert in Denver=Im There
    Really hoping they come out with another album too

  3. cortem762 Says:

    @IbanezArtist13 I totally agree. I dont get how these shallow pop singer, who dont even write their own songs, get all the fame with stupid synthesized music. Its horrible how these stupid pop and “hip hop” songs constantly dominate the top tens

  4. ricericebabyx Says:

    This song officially owns me.
    I’ve been awake for years~

    p.s. True, this band is underrated. Honestly, I dont mind. I’m more into music that ISN’T mainstream, and I kind of get a kick out of answering about my favourite bands. Muse, Innerpartysystem, RED… people go like “WHO?”

  5. xpyrox58 Says:

    Dear Chevelle ,

    youre the most underrated band ever, and iwill promise you, eventually america will realise what real talent is ; please bless our ears with another amazing album. always know that myself, and everyone watching your videos has your full support at all times.

  6. fidgetingfinch Says:

    Most. Underrated. Band. Ever.

    Seriously, these guys are fucking amazing but nobody knows who they are.

  7. 31rS3RP3N7 Says:

    they sound like tool, sorta.

  8. deuceswild76 Says:

    definately underrated.

  9. MaxY610 Says:

    the 18 people who disliked tthis song r frikin DOG !

  10. MaxY610 Says:

    fav song chevelle is epic/insane/amazing/incredibly perfect/DAM RIGHT!/and UH UH!

  11. dannyboy472 Says:

    18 people cant sleep

  12. Blue67impala Says:

    I learned how to play this song on guitar, its awesome and fun to play

  13. gtrracer9107 Says:

    wow this album rocks better then vena sera i think im deffinatly going to buy this one i have point #1 wonder whats next this type of thinking and vena sera this would make a awesome addition

  14. darak43 Says:

    I gasp and hold my breath
    These needs have changed so deep
    To face you all and say
    I’ve been awake for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this song

  15. darak43 Says:

    I gasp and hold my breath
    These needs have changed so deep
    To face you all and say
    I’ve been awake for….

  16. nickramzey911 Says:

    i agrelly very verymuch…….. ok so this album number #4 def…:) nothing wrong with it its just not my favorite….this cd is unique in every way….not alot of double kick like one scream but its a masterpeice so beautiful:)))) but the only thing i sorta did not like kindal ike about this album was the interlude didnt see the point:/ well either way amazingness Favoritesong This circus

  17. TheScokeley Says:

    Chevelle is perfect

  18. armyoftwo13 Says:

    fuck hip hop and justin bieber

  19. kupodrinksmilk99 Says:

    definitely their best album sinc WWN.

  20. gsotost Says:

    @taco288 ikr! I think this song is GIVING me insomnia (O_o) lol (totally a good thing. Lovin Chevelle) XD

  21. ThePlasticMajority Says:

    18 people are Comfortable Liars !!

  22. Booardley Says:

    @kaetrina Thank you. Fuck I’m sick of seeing that shit. It’s all for thumbs that don’t even matter.

  23. kaetrina Says:

    @nuggetofchoice stop fucking talking about justin beiber!! omg i cnt go to one good song on youtube without reading his name in the comments

  24. xxwarpiexx Says:

    You? say Taylor Swift,I say Breaking? Benjamin

    You say?? Lady Gaga,I? say? Evanescence

    You? say Miley Cyrus,I say Slipknot

    You say T-Pain,I say Three Days Grace

    You say? Eminem,I? say Linkin?? Park

    You say? Jonas Brother,I say Green Day

    You? say Flowers,I say Nirvana

    92% of teens? have turned? to pop and? hip-hop.If? you are part of the 8% that still listens? to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DONT LET ROCK N ROLL DIE ! , P.S Thumbs? Up If? You Agree ;D

  25. iseeboxer Says:

    u gotta love it

  26. Moe7133 Says:

    @spamsponge Yes, i’m with you on this. When they monitor me, I did have Sleep Aphnea. Then they started putting mask and wires and I couldn’t sleep after that. It was a stupid test. How can anymore sleep with all those wire sensor and a mask on you. The bed that they have is not even comfortable too.

  27. JemieLife Says:

    @JLife15 good site

  28. JLife15 Says:

    this is interesting. I just recently bought a snoring chin strap from
    It definitely has drastically cut back my sleep apnea.

  29. razerback121 Says:

    How about changing your diet to a healthy vegan and no artificial sweeteners diet instead… Or is it easier (and cheaper) to b in the hospital all the time begging for all the latest drugs and cranial accessories so u won’t die in your sleep any given night?

  30. JLife15 Says:


  31. JLife15 Says:

    Interesting video!


    If there were a “BEST” way to DIE, wouldn’t it be better to be “asleep”, oppose to being stabbed, shot, mutilated, runned-over, burnt alive, car accident, or etc????

    Maybe SLEEP APNEA is a GOD-GIVEN gift for those fed up with what Life
    has to offer, such as PAIN, WORRIES, FEARS, DEPRESSION, or LONELINESS!

  33. marv126p Says:

    i used to get to 10:00 in the moring craving sleep like i hadent been to bed at all. i was 28 when i was diagnosed with sleep apnea and found using cpap alittle hard a first but with alittle work at it and changing my mask ect , it really changed my life i lost wieght just from being on cpap due to my motablisum speeding up as im more rested. the best thing is im not a grumpy git no more lol.

  34. mrconradhoppe Says:

    dont go to the sllep center, dont buy the mask just duct tape your mouth and see what happens. Thats what i do!!!

  35. JustShirl8 Says:

    I use a CPAP….. not sure how I lived without it….. I fell asleep twice driving… and if it werent for the snow on the side of the rode waking me up as I drove through it…. I WOULD have been in an accident…. the second time…… the rough areas on the edge of the road woke me up… that is when my husband made me go get tested….. I have had my CPAP FOR 8 YEARS OR MORE AND HAVE ONLY been without it once in all those years…

  36. Noisegator Says:

    My initial screening was done with a blood oxygen monitor, those things they clip on your finger. One night gives an analysis of your levels and can provide a very good indication of SA.
    Next step was a trial with an automatic adjusting machine. This also generates data to confirm a diagnosis.
    If your symptoms go away and you sleep well you have both a confirmed diagnosis AND a treatment plan. Very simple method.

  37. vijit164 Says:

    I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel the other day but i had my anti sleep alarm on and it sounded so i pulled over and had a break. They are not that expensive and i got mine from NO NAP

  38. ihaveosa Says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would talk bad about a CPAP machine, especially if its the only 100% CURE for OSA, and when worn properly, its stops snoring 100% too. Come on, its making people feel better, and its allowing other family members to sleep through the night at the same time, so The80skidd, get a life, and get real, no bad talking about real solutions necessary on this planet

  39. rob42164 Says:

    what about a health savings account does you work offer that?

  40. The80skid77 Says:

    fuck a cpap machine! junk! use 5 pillows and you’ll be fine. get one of those corderou t.v. chairs with arms built in as a wedge. also put a 2×4 piece of wood under the bed legs near your head.

  41. angelgirl2188 Says:

    I have sleep apnea. I feel a sleep and wake up alot in the night if i dont wear my mechine. If I wear it I sleep all night and feel great the next morning. I sometimes nap in the after noon. When I wear the michine i dont nap. It helps alot.

  42. Geperdo Says:

    MrHappy, you cannot simply buy the CPAP machine without knowing what pressure setting is suitable for you. That’s like trying to get a prescription drug without the prescription or a doctor visit.

  43. loriinfargo Says:

    The only other easier way pretty much is lethargy and eventually early death

  44. EsotericAdept Says:

    There must be an easier way!

  45. ytgoroyt Says:

    I know now this project can be a DIY project.
    You buy a used machine in the craigslist. and you graduate the pressure yourself a step at a time. The thing is many accessories need to be replaced periodically. Try the “nasal pillows” first. Less dramatic than the big ugly mask.
    CPAP will change your attitude, your level of energy, the amount of time you sleep, etc.
    I am sleeping now peacefully 7 to 8 hrs/day.

  46. Guitarfool5931 Says:

    Because that way would make too much sense in our messed up system. Really, I guess there is reason behind the whole diagnosing part but I’m sure it could be simplified somehow

  47. MrHappyHumanist Says:

    I know that I have sleep apnea, but I simply cant afford the ridiculously overpriced sleep studies (even with health insurance would cost me over a grand for the study and you usually need more than one and I just dont have that kind of money). I wonder why I cant simply skip ahead to the part where I buy the machine?

  48. Suddendeath9 Says:

    I have Apnea and I use a CPAP pump….I could not live without it. When they did the sleep test they found I was waking up over 200 times a night!!!

    I also found that The Secrets of Eden Acai Energy Boost helps when I wake up sometimes exhausted. Google “The Secrets of Eden”

  49. tomcc777 Says:

    maybe, but it is better than dying of a stroke or a heart attack in your sleep. But those are decisions we all make for ourselves. It does make me wonder what EsotericAdept is selling.

  50. jamesgambino Says:

    i habe sleep apnea. But theres no fucking way the dr is putting that elephant trunk on my face. I hate anything touching me at night and that device is a disaster

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