Q&A: strength training question for people who are experienced in strength training?

Question by Derek: strength training question for people who are experienced in strength training?
ok, i was an all state linebacker in high school. that was two years ago though, i was in a really bad car accident and now i just got back to training.

when i used to train, i trained for strength, bulk, flexibility and explosiveness. but now that i have to start all over again, i want to take the bulk element out of my training.

now i just want strong, flexible and lean muscles. the problem is, i don’t know how, because i used to just perform my lifts, and hit the dumb bells for getting my arms, legs, and shoulders looking good, or bulking them up before a game to prevent innjury.

so, what can i do? i can pack on bulk very easy, so no matter what i do i am going to get a little bigger, but how can i lift to prevent going back to that same size? ( i have signs of sleep apnea so i am trying to prevent getting bigger)

should i just lift untill failure with every lift i do? besides swimming and running, what are some good cardio workouts?

p.s. i hate bikes, they get my thighs so bulked up i hate it, and my legs are slim again and i dont want to get my quads huge like they were before…thanks if you can help me out
help would be cool
hey thanks man. i bought a punching bag and some gloves a while back, and i used to jump rope all of the time, great answer thanks

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Answer by Freemale
Weightlifting strategies to avoid “excessive mass”: lighter weights with more reps (9-15 reps).

Cardio activities:
Jumping rope

Martial arts will help you regain strength & explosive power without gaining much mass. Not necessarily cardio in itself but the training often incorporates pieces of aerobic & calisthenic activity. It will definitely keep you flexible.

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