Is there any effective and simple cure for (obstructive) sleep apnea?

Question by Sleepless in Seattle: Is there any effective and simple cure for (obstructive) sleep apnea?
SIMPLE means without using cumbersome respiratory machines or surgery… EFFECTIVE means that it truly works…

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Answer by Woman 14
Sorry to say but there is no simple cure for obstructive sleep apnea. The common regimen for obstructive sleep apean is CPAP. CPAP is Continuous Positve Airway Pressure. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs from closure of the glottis (a little flap in your throat that). CPAP will continously keep that open as to prevent it’s shutting down to the trachea (your breathing tube). It is worth going through this. Afterall, it is your breathing. Without breathing, you’re pretty much lifeless. CPAP is noninvasive. The only downfall to CPAP is wearing the hideous mask and the face dents from the aftermath. But nonetheless, you are breathing right? Hope this helps

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