Sleep apnea with SpO2 of 69%, supplemental oxygen?

Question by Bubbers: Sleep apnea with SpO2 of 69%, supplemental oxygen?
Had already posted a question, meant to ask this as well.

I went for a polysomnograph (sleep study), and it showed I have obstructive sleep apnea as well as some central apneas. My doctor told me I stop breathing approximately 45 times an hour, and my pulse ox, at its lowest, was 69%.

Question A) Is this critically low O2 saturation?

Question B) Will CPAP or APAP keep my pulse ox up, or will I need supplemental oxygen as well at night?

Question C) Have you ever seen someone’s pulse ox drop this low with sleep apnea?

Thanks so much, folks!
I’m unsure what you are asking me this for. I am asking a legitimate question. I have a very minimal understanding of this subject, and have no idea about the scenario you presented…

Best answer:

Answer by +Hammer+
Another SAME question? Why are you asking this? Funny how you ask this question, but seem to understand a little bit about O2.

Let me ask YOU a question. A patient is a chronic CO2 retainer according to her medical Hx. She has a hx of COPD and now has an acute exacerbation of Chronic bronchitis. At the hospital, she tells the doctors that she is spitting up dark yellow mucus. Her ABG reveals a PaO2 of 45 mmHg. What treatment(s) would you recommend? After Tx…you see that her paO2 is at 98 torr. How would you titrate her O2 levels and why?

Answer me, then I’ll answer you.

Thanks much!

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    you appear to have some issues with “Bubbers” I do personally know the answer to your “Question”. That’s regardless. You either have some previous dealings with “Bubbers” or are just having a cruddy day yourself….Most of Bubbers questions were more than likely stated on the report they received and they are unclear as to what they mean. Not every one understands this illness as well as you do. Sorry, but it is sad that they put your response as the “Best Answer” Leave the personal stuff out of this. Email privately. Bubbers - I’d go to a different Web Site for info. if I were you.

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