Is there any way to challenge a “Sleep Apnea” Diagnosis?

Question by Friendly Republican: Is there any way to challenge a “Sleep Apnea” Diagnosis?
Late last year I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, both Obstructive and Central. I was prescribed a VPAP, which was not in any way better than nothing.

I lost sleep for a month, and often woke up unable to breath. The last time I used it, I woke up gasping, disoriented, and with a severe headache, all of which went away after two hours of NOT USING the VPAP.

In general, I sleep fine (As fine as the father of seven month old twins can sleep!) I only went for the sleep study as a ten year follow up. Ten years ago they coached me on changing sleep positions and losing weight.

Now I’m trapped. As a CDL holder, this diagnosis affects my ability to work. I’m sure it will affect my ability to get insurance in the future. And once again, I don’t think it’s accurate.

As a Patient, is there anything I can do to challenge this diagnosis?
I went to the Second sleep study as a follow up to my sleep study from ten years ago, which was a positive experience after the coaching in sleep position and weight loss.

And my regular doctor suggested I do a follow up study. If I had it to do over again, I would refuse. But now that the damage is done, and the treatments being recommended are both expensive and ineffectual, and with serious long term consequences toward my job.

With all that in mind, how is the best way to challenge this diagnosis and/or method of treatment.

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Answer by cryptoxmit
Just because the VPAP is not working for you … doesn’t mean the diagnosis is wrong … if you are not having sleeping issues … why did you have it done?

There would be many things I would even consider before I would consider a wrong diagnosis .. especially with sleep apnea

As a patient .. you need to find out why the VPAP doesn’t work for you … that would be number one … It sounds like you need to be reassessed … and maybe by another physician ….

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