Sleep Problems : What Causes Sleep Apnea?

default Sleep Problems : What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is caused by airways that are being blocked by a tongue that relaxes, and other contributing factors include a person being overweight and a person sleeping on their back. Find out why it’s important to see a general practitioner about sleep apnea with help from a psychologist in this free video on sleep apnea. Expert: Robert B. Hernandez Contact: Bio: Robert B. Hernandez, PsyD, received his doctorate in clinical psychology in 2001. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Take the Sleep Apnea Test Today at About one half of American adults snore. And over 35 million of them do soon a regular basis meaning tens of millions of people are suffering every night with the noise and subsequent negative effects of receiving disruptive, poor quality sleep. Its likely you know someone — a roommate, a friend, family member, yourself or spouse that should realize that snoring is more than just a social issue. That it could be a sign of a serious medical condition called sleep apnea. http
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    My roommate snore’s, the worst part is that sometimes at midnight he wakes up because his throat closes avoiding him to breathe well. For people interested in sleep health visit Symposier site and look information on the 3rd WASM World Congress.

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