Do you think Obama will win the Presidency because too many Republicans will be snoring, not voting?

Question by xenypoo: Do you think Obama will win the Presidency because too many Republicans will be snoring, not voting?
I am feeling this may be true, since I saw it with the election of Bill Clinton, when less than 1/2 of registered voters even showed up to vote, in BOTH of Bill Clinton’s runs.
One against Bush Sr., and the other against Bob Dole. 39% of registered voters, actuallt voted!
Where are you going to be on voting day, Republican’s?
Sitting down watching football, or snoring America’s freedom, and livlihood away on your 20 year old couch?

Will it be Obama, or McCain?

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Answer by Son of Long Legged Mac Daddy
all the Obama supporters will be too stoned or hungover to know when the elction is being held

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Does my child have sleep apnea?

Question by Peace69: Does my child have sleep apnea?
My child is a four year old who snores mostly throughout the night and will sleep through an atomic blast. She has said more recently about feeling tired after getting home from daycare. This has been going on for the last 3 or 4 months. She normally gets 10 hrs of sleep a night, and we keep her mostly on a strict sleep schedule. She seems like in a daze most of the time, attention span is waning, and even though it has always been a struggle, she doesnt have the safety concerns that most kids have. For example, she will try and run in a parking lot (mainly cause she is excited), but she has been told about being careful mutiple times. Even though my wife and I think that she would eventually be in gifted and talented, this recent behavior has caused some concern.

What doctor (specialist) should be seen about this? Has anyone experienced this before? Improvement seen after treatment? Any changes in the home to be tried before seeing a doctor?

Best answer:

Answer by Sassy 24
Yes, take her to the dr. a ear and throat dr.

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