Q&A: Sleep Apnea: is it common to have mood swings AFTER treatment?

Question by Patsy A: Sleep Apnea: is it common to have mood swings AFTER treatment?
My son-in-law recently began treatment for sleep apnea. He’s 38 and has suffered from it his entire adult life, apparently. Now that he’s getting proper sleep, he has started being verbally abusive. What’s scarey is that he often can’t remember saying things he has recently said! Is there any way to get him back to normal? Is his brain having trouble making connections after all this time? We are concerned for our daughter and grandson.

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Answer by jpunkin1121
What kind of treatment did he have? A lot of people I know who suffer from sleep apnea have a machine they use at night to help them sleep and it prevents sleep apnea. My husband used to suffer from sleep apnea, but since he received his machine several years ago he has been able to sleep through the night without his breathing stopping, and he wakes well rested. That is why I asked the question at the beginning.

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Remedies for snoring that are effective are now in greater demand as more people are snoring as lifestyles change

Before we get into the solution of how to Cure Snoring Problem I wanted to talk to you and answer the question of what is snoring. Snoring is a condition that leaves a person with vibration and resonation of movable tissue in their throat. Their breathing patterns change as their sleep moves into a deeper situation. That makes their breathing turn into a beat, which increases the odds of ending up with resonating. Obviously people that go through with this don’t really have a difficulty with it because they’re sound asleep. It’s generally the wife/husband in the bed beside to them, or a person in the neighboring room that is driven extremely crazy all night long because of it. Now that I’ve answered what is snoring or sleep apnea, I’m going to facilitate how to cure snoring problems, so that you can acquire liberate of it.

You can not completely understand how to cure snoring problems unless you know what causes this terrible sound. The thunderous sound is caused when air cannot progress freely from your nose and mouth during your sleep. The muscles in your throat relax while you are sleeping and the passageway of air to your lungs becomes partly closed.

You can acquire quite a lot of steps to discover how to cure snoring problems.

Losing weight can be a successful approach on how to cure snoring problems. Exercising everyday is also a best way for snoring solution; even if it is just for 30 minutes. Stop smoking is also a best way to find out how to cure snoring problems; if you are a smoker your own awful habit can be the cause of the restless nights. Stop sleeping on a regular pillow for come close to how to cure snoring problems. Breathing Strips are strips that you place above your nose and will open up your nasal passages during the night to help you breath easier. This is also a good option for how to cure snoring problems.

The first thing you should all the time consider for how to cure snoring problems is your genuine sleeping position. Believe it or not there have been numerous stories of how to cure snoring problems from merely shifting the technique you lie in bed. Several people report the problem occurs when sleeping on their back. This may be due to fact that this position really constricts the throat and causes their air passage to be obstructed. Although completely safe, this may well lead to snoring.

Sometimes surgery is the only option for how to cure snoring problems. Unfortunately where physical harm has contributed to the snoring corrective surgery may be the only option for example a facial injury. Often times a decrease in the size of the skull because of aging is a reason so surgical widening becomes a feasible alternative. A major cause can be associated to a blocked sinus which can mean necessary surgery to resolve the trouble. Surgery is generally the least desirable and most drastic medication but sometimes it’s the only one.

Now that you have well-read how to cure snoring right away, the question is are you enthusiastic to give it a try. Not just for your fitness sake but for your spouse health as well. For this you can visit the site- snoringisboring.com

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obstructive sleep apnea surgery is it worth the risks?

Question by Noidea: obstructive sleep apnea surgery is it worth the risks?
Has any one had the surgery for obstructive sleep apnea. Were thay cut your soft pallet, your uvula, and tonsils. If you have had it or know some one that has. Did it help. And what was the recovery. Did it change your voice. And any think els I should know before I go get cut up.

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